Botzi delivers on-demand conversation and content, customer service and conversational commerce (pre-sales enquiries, funnel progression, conversational marketing, post-sale follow up, feedback and re-engagement).


One solution – multiple features


Benefit from our best practice knowledge
we assist our customer to define what is it that the chatbot should be bringing to the table, what goals they want to achieve
we work with our customer on designing and polishing conversion points, conversational UX and message flow
based on the target audience we make recommendations and help our customer decide which channels to employ
we safeguard, monitor and maintain chatbot, while providing direct access to all the conversations, data, reporting and metrics in real time to our customer
we gather data and help our customer extract and analyze useful information that will point to areas of the design and message flow that need improvement
based on analysis and in agreement with our customer we make changes to conversion points, conversational UX and message flow


One solution – multiple industries

Hospitality & Travel


Cross-platform, web based admin panel. No installation!
  Cross-platform admin panel - very useful to organize and identify the users from different channels and to display the messaging history from different channels in one account.
  Analytics module - contains metrics necessary for analytics and dashboard with the most important statistics and graphs.
  Messaging history module - allows viewing the history of interactions with a chatbot in an admin panel.
  Subscribers module - allows viewing chatbot audience with demographics, activity data, personal information, etc. 
  Statistical Reports on Messages and Conversations (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), and additional reports that can be defined based on the parameters of the conversation flow...


Chatbots are the future of customer experience

For companies: chatbots can improve customer experience, response time and profitability and can be useful in many aspects of the customer interaction, including customer service, presenting product recommendations and engaging customers through targeted marketing campaigns.

For customers: chatbots are easy to use and many customers prefer them over calling a representative on the phone because it tends to be faster and less invasive.

Already connected: chatbots use messenger apps that are already on billions of phones around the world, so chances are your customers already have everything they need to start using your bot.

Next big thing: chatbots are the future of customer experience and have the power to replace search windows and many apps in the not-so-distant future.


If you are interested in a custom chatbot solution for your business, we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us, and will make sure that you get a chatbot which will best fit your business needs.
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